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Welcome to the Pubs of Emsworth

For a small town of rather less than 10,000 inhabitants, Emsworth, tucked away in the south east corner of Hampshire on the shores of Chichester Harbour is remarkable for having nine pubs although, only a few years ago, there were fourteen and in 19th century there were 30 pubs and beer houses in the village.

Of those that remain four are free houses, four are owned by Gales (now Fullers) and one by Young's.  Between them they serve a wide range of beers from breweries all over the UK.  All but one serve food and each has its own distinctive character.

This website outlines the history of the pubs in Emsworth and describes the character and attributes of those that remain,  each  pub is rated on a scale of one to five taking into account its overall characteristics. Explanation of the ratings scale .

We are keen to find out more about these pubs, past and present,  Please use our Feedback form to send your views about them today or any historical information that you may be aware of. If you have any old photos that you would be prepared to see on this site please Email them directly.

One thing is certain, if you visit the pubs of Emsworth you can be pretty certain of getting a friendly welcome and a good pint of beer.

"When you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England!"
Hilaire Belloc, Preface to The Four Men (1911)